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We consider ourselves incredibly blessed to share our beautiful destination venue with couples, but also with other professional vendors. Here’s a little peek into what our photographers and videographers have to say about our magical setting, along with multiple galleries to browse.

“Wilderness Wedding Barn, you have outdone yourselves to create an incredibly romantic and intimate space for couples to be wed. Stepping into the Cathedral in the Pines, I was overwhelmed with the quiet whisper of the tall pines as a gentle breeze kissed my skin. The intimacy overwhelmed my soul. There was a quiet hush that filled every ounce of my spirit with a sense of holiness. My mind immediately transferred to something surreal; an awareness of the momentous event that was about to take place. To share your first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. surrounded on all sides by family, friends and tall pines, under a beautiful chandelier…you cannot find a more fairy-tale beginning than this!

Wicklund Productions

“The Wilderness Wedding Barn is an incredible new venue located in the heart of northern Minnesota. The¬†impressive century old barn sits amongst rows of towering pines. The massive hand-hewn beams, beautiful red weathered siding, and huge barn doors draw you in and create both a beautiful and functional space for your wedding reception. And the barn is not the only space that will WOW you at this venue! Sue and Jozsef have literally thought of everything and have poured so much hard work and intentionality into each and every space that they have created. From the bathrooms and getting ready spaces to the romantic Cathedral in the Pines and floral swing, this venue has everything you could dream of for your perfect Northwoods wedding!”

Stephanie Holsman Photography