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About us
Sue and Joszef Palavics of
The Wilderness Wedding Barn


It all began with a dream…

Wilderness Wedding Barn is a family owned and operated wedding venue brought to life and headed by the husband and wife team of Jozsef and Sue Palavics. Sue’s love of old barns and her passion for restoration, decorating and all things weddingwere the inspiration for the project. Her dream was to expand their existing wedding business and create a truly oneofakind venue that offers unparalleled privacy in a woodland setting that is both rustic and elegant, where couples can create their own magical storybook wedding of their dreams.

The project began with finding the perfect property and the perfect barn. Luckily, Sue and Jozsef didnt have to look far. Just down the road from their resort they found a 42 acre wooded parcel with two fabulous Norway pine groves. The pine groves would provide an idyllic setting for their wedding venue. The 120 year old barn and machine shed were exactly what Sue was looking for. The barn had a massive hand hewn timber frame, wood floors, huge barn doors, beautiful red weathered siding, all of the original hardware and a charming cupola Sues favorite part. The old machine shed was the perfect size to house the new dressing rooms and bathrooms.

With the property purchased, the real work began. Site prep started with the cutting and clearing of the forest to create a space to relocate the buildings. The barn and machine shed were completely dismantled and then reassembled on their new foundations. The work began in late July and in four short months, the barn and property were transformed from an overgrown wooded site to a breathtaking storybook setting with charming century old buildings that have been restored to retain their rustic charm and beauty.

Sue and Jozsef know firsthand that dreams can come true with trust in God and a little hard work and determination. They have made it their goal to help make your wedding dreams come true by providing a setting that is unlike any other, where you are treated like family and you can rest assured knowing that you have a team of caring professionals on your side.

Sue and Jozsef invite you to tour their beautiful venue and see for yourself what makes Wilderness Wedding Barn so extraordinary and special!


“First of all, can we talk about THAT VENUE -Wilderness Wedding Barn, owned by Sue and Jozsef Palavics. The number of people who told me it was the most beautiful venue they’ve ever been to was astounding and I hope sue and Jozsef heard it as often as I did. Not only is the venue breathtaking, but Sue and Jozsef are the kindest, biggest hearted people you will ever meet. They would give you the shirt off their back, and bend over backwards for anyone in need. Sue has such an eye for detail and decor, she did everything for my wedding based off my very vague ideas (oops ????). Everything you saw in person or picture and thought “wow that’s beautiful,” we have Sue to thank for that ❤️”

Alex Beach

“I cannot say enough about how fabulous Sue and Jozsef were and how stunning this place is. Our wedding day was beyond perfect and we owe a lot of that to them! I undoubtedly would recommend this place a million times over. We booked this place without even seeing it in person, and so should you! You won’t regret your decision, I promise!”  

Mandi Toegel